About Us

Glenbow Flyfishing is a family run business that had it’s beginnings in 2006 when a fly fisherman named Glen Tinckler had an idea. He could see fly fishermen, (fisherpersons???) especially ones that were new to the sport, struggling with decisions about what fly to use for a given situation. Then Glen had an idea.

What if he were to package a group of flies together so that if a person was going to fish, for example, a stream or river, all he had to do was take a suitable prepackaged collection with him & he’d know that somewhere in that box was the perfect fly.

The next part of making Glen’s vision a reality was choosing which flies to include in which collection. This was accomplished by trial & error testing & by careful research. Also interviewing other successful fly fisherman on the banks of rivers & streams or wherever their paths crossed. As well, Glen dipped into his own past experiences on the water, reading his fishing journals & remembering what did & didn’t work for him.

Then, as with so many aspects of life, things changed. Glen’s renovation business took off & the fly fishing business got less & less of his attention. Glen didn’t want to see his vision die so he offered it up for sale & that’s when Dave Bergeron & family stepped up & bought it. Dave had operated a fishing resort in cottage country for seven years & always wanted to get back into the sport in some capacity & so the fit was right.

Now with Dave at the helm, Glenbow Fly Fishing has gone through a rebirth. We have a new website in place, we’re looking at carrying a few new products & adding a few more collections to our store. We look forward to providing quick delivery & exceptional products whether you order over the internet at our secure site, or by phone where we can handle your order & take your information personally.

We’re hoping to meet many of you at any upcoming shows we attend, through our internet site, or out on the water. Remember, we’re always looking for fresh ideas about the collections we have, or should have. If you want something & don’t see it here, just ask & we’ll do whatever we can to find it for you.

Enjoy your time on the water & remember to put a few back for tomorrow’s generation of fly fishing enthusiasts.

Dave & the Staff at
Glenbow Fly Fishing.